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Apart from doing larger projects, I like to design and make furniture and products. I do this together with Maarten den Breeijen for Studio met, our design and making studio. We have a workshop with woodworking machines and equipment at creative hub The Keilewerf in Rotterdam.


Studio met is a design studio, located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The studio is founded in 2014 by Nine Perdeck and Maarten den Breeijen. They both studied Industrial design at the TU Delft and furniture making at the HMC in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

The problems and negative consequences of mass consuming become clearer every day. One way to change this is to consume less, make responsible choices when choosing a product and make your products last. The bond between consumer and product is very important in this. Studio met designs and makes products that are easy to bond with. They are therefore taken better care of and last longer. The products can either be altered, reused or rebuild by the consumer and have multiple uses or the products are custom made, to best meet the requirements of the future owner.

Studio met focusses mostly on furniture. In their designs, Nine and Maarten use both traditional crafts as well as modern production technologies. Their designs are flexible in use and light on the environment. Get in touch if you are interested in working together.

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